Work 08

Magazine supplement for          Wallpaper Magazine

Wallpaper magazine doesnt usually feature articles which talk about day to day DIY, but this particular feature '6 Painting & Decorating Tips' was to feature in Wallpaper magazine and it was my job to create a design that would be fitting for Wallpaper's target audience.

Having 6 interesting facts, i.e. using a skate board as a scoot-along seat for painting the skirting boards, or putting your paintbrush in a plastic bag and putting it in the fridge until you next need it, stops the brush from drying out.

Taking a quirky approach by chosing the most unusual tips. Designing a creative that is simple but visually exciting and most importantly 'Wallpaper' suitable. Taking elements or items from the tip and illustrating them and then producing a rubber stamp out of them. Then flicking and splattering paint in my living room to create some fun patterns, combining them with the stamps and typography to explain the tips. The contrast between the flicks of paint and white space creates a strong graphical style.

This creative was applied to the fold-out supplement, the advert in the magazine and any other supporting advertising.